Installing Carports as an Alternative to Garages

Renovating your home to accommodate new property is a significant investment, so it’s fitting to consider alternatives to garage extensions when you have a new vehicle coming in. Most people resolve this dilemma by risking the old vehicle’s condition, exposing it to the environmental elements. At the very least, it is covered with a tarp as a necessary protection against dust and wearing, and the new vehicle finds cosy comfort in whatever garage space you have available.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You should try building a shed for your extra vehicle, for starters. Even if you’re planning to settle your old car, you could still convert your garage into your private workspace, use the shed as a permanent shelter.

Alternatives to Garage Renovations

Carports are fast becoming the one option in garage extensions and renovations. The main advantage is the simplicity and functionality of the design. Many carports offer the most basic protection, with posts and an awning to shade vehicles from the heat of the sun, even the wear of rain. Some designs are more sophisticated, though, many built to complement your home’s theme and construction. Indeed, some carports are so elaborate it’s easy to mistake these for actual garages, which is an advantage if you want to improve curb appeal with an installation that’s not a contrast to your home’s design.

Functional designs, Sturdy construction

Many carports are built with steel framing, which makes sense if you want to maximise durability and stability. Modern designs also benefit from the stripped-down approach, and if you don’t have the space to accommodate an elaborate setup, then this is a boon. Think of your carport as a waiting shed big enough to cover for your vehicle, and in a sense, that’s what this is. You only need to check samples online to see the variety in design and construction firsthand. Many homeowners are in fact scrapping ideas of renovation in favour of the simple, functional design of carports.

Versatility in Function

As an example of versatility, some carports are built to accommodate solar panel cells, an installation that’s becoming popular in areas with energy sustainability schemes. Solar cells can cover for part of your household’s energy needs, and you’ll have a perfect excuse to install the panels on a surface that’s discreet and readily available. Solar panels are unsightly on your roof or your lawn, but gels perfectly with the design of a carport that’s sleek and trendy, a complement to the new set of wheels in your possession.

A well-built carport ensures protection and functionality at an affordable cost. However, when it comes to installing a carport, you can do it yourself or hire carports builders. The best option is to hire carport builders as they have what it takes to build your carport professionally.

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