Types of Steel and the Main Applications

Steel supplies are used in various types of construction and other projects. Typically, you will find that these items are used more often in commercial buildings, although residential locations such as apartments will see many of the different items used. Take a few moments to look at some of the most common types of steel Adelaide and understand how they are going to be used.

Steel rod

When you look at construction, the steel rod will often be used as a way to reinforce concrete. Sometimes referred to as rebar, this material is made from reinforced steel and is designed to help improve the imbalance that it has. The steel rod can also be found in columns and fence posts as part of a standard construction project. When additional strength is needed, a merchant bar may be used.

Steel tubes

As you look at steel supplies, the steel tubes you can find are going to be pretty varied as well. For example, you will have products like seamless tubes that will often be used for the tubing of boilers in a building, while oil and gas lines will also use this form of tubes for a building. Welded tubes tend to be more focused on structures such as power plants and oil refineries as part of their operations process.


During the building process, steel blooms are used as a way to create structural shapes for a building. Typically, you will find them used in columns, beams, and rails as well. They offer quite a bit of strength in each project,

Steel plates

Normally, steel plates are designed from a hot rolled slab and taken to a thickness of anywhere from 2mm to 20mm with a maximum width of no more than 1850mm. They are used to strengthen a structure especially in areas where there is a lot of pressure, such as to floors in tall buildings.

Coated steel sheet

Typically, this will be used for metal roofing on homes. However, the auto industry does use this same type of material for the building of their vehicles as well. The sheets used can be found in some different sizes.

Steel structural sections

In addition to these items, you will find that structural sections can be used as well. These are typically produced from steel and will be used as part of a sectional share. They are most often found in buildings with several stories and the construction of bridges as well. This makes steel Adelaide the ideal solution for large projects. Remember, there are plenty of steel supplies that you can find for some different projects. Each piece has its benefits that can truly help to improve your structure